Hangin’ With Droog

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Your Old Droog was the special guest on this week’s episode of the Juan Epstein podcast, check it out above. They basically just shoot the shit, it’s not a formal interview or anything. But it’s still a fun listen. Peep Droog’s new Marco Polo-produced ode to 42nd Street—”42 (Forty Deuce)”—below, too.

Rap Dad Talk

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My boys ItsTheReal—the hip-hop comedy duo with Harrison roots—continue to pump out quality podcast episodes with the music industry’s brightest and most interesting artists and personalities on their show A Waste of Time. Their latest episodes star two dudes who I interviewed for my 2014 NahRight Father’s Day Feature on Rap Dads, The Kid Mero and Shea Serrano. Mero is a comedian from the Bronx who cracks me the fuck up with his witty hood commentary, and Shea is an extremely talented and hilarious writer/author (The Rap Year Book is available now on Amazon). And they both hold down the fort as dedicated Dads and family men.

Shea’s episode just dropped so I haven’t peeped it yet, but I already know it’s amazing just off how amazing a guy he is. As for Mero’s, I’m about halfway through, and the story about him saying what’s up to Slick Rick while helping his son pee into a Poland Spring bottle outside the Dollar Tree had me laughing out loud in my car (mad loud) today. Listen to The Kid Mero’s episode above, and Shea Serrano’s below. Shouts to my boys Eric and Jeff aka ItsTheReal, thanks again for coming through to rep with me the other night at Mercury Lounge!


My Dudes, Stan Ipcus

I let a new Stan Ipcus song fly today, produced by my man El RTNC, who is best known for his production work on Your Old Droog’s debut album. I’ve been obsessed with this loop for months, and finally recorded some shit to it. Truthfully, these lyrics are mad old, but I never properly laid them down. The moment I heard this loop though, they popped in my head. Perfect fit. That’s how it works, baby! Shout to all you wack ass honky rappers, this one’s for you.

Speaking of Droog, listen below to his latest, “Basketball & Seinfeld.” This shit is so dope, and the references on both verses are incredible. I’ve been playing it nonstop for the past couple weeks since it dropped.

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Oh, Hello, Off Broadway

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.47.06 AM

Westcheddar alumnus Nick Kroll (above right) and his longtime comedy partner John Mulaney (above left) are the stars of a new Off Broadway play, featuring the kvetching Upper West Side “Oh, Hello” duo they’ve been performing together as for years. I remember watching these guys slay improv shows at Georgetown back in our college days, so to see them killing it now to the point where The New York Times is doing articles on them is absolutely awesome. Read below.

In ‘Oh, Hello,’ Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Have a Stage Senior Moment

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The Goings On

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I’ve known Oddisee since my College Park days, and I gotta say, dude makes dope music. I love this new live video of him performing “The Goings On” with Good Compny. Great setting, and I particularly dig the harmonies on the hook. And of course O spits wonderfully over the laid-back beat. Check it out, DMV stand up.

Local Legend

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Damn son, I fell off. I vowed to never neglect my baby, Westcheddar, and I have. I’m sorry fam. But I’ve been busy as shit with my actual babies, and taking care of business working my full-time job and writing for NahRight and doing other side work. And in the meantime, I dropped an album on iTunes! My first official album release ever after rapping for almost two decades (that’s crazy). It’s called Local Legend, and it’s ten of my favorite tracks of all-time, on one album, put together to tell my story and showcase my MC and production abilities. I’m very happy with how it was received, and I want to make sure it’s the top post here on Westcheddar while I’m off doing other things. Gonna post a bunch of Local Legend related stuff below. Ready? Heeeere we go…

Local Legend on iTunes!!!!!!!

Mass Appeal Premiere of “How I Met Your Mother”

Local Legend Album Stream

WNYU Interview with Dharmic X

Stan Ipcus “Cap” (Bonus Track)

Stan Ipcus & Friends LIVE! at Webster Hall feat. Matty B, Roga Raph, Denzil Porter, Marlon “Moshe” Sobol, Matisyahu, and Peter Rosenberg (11/4/13)

As for my writing, stay tuned to NahRight for my feature work, and this link below to THE WALL OF IP, which is all my feature work in one spot. I update it every time I have something big published.


Peace to all my Westcheddar fam. I’m out here. Follow me on Twitter for a daily feed of all the stuff I’m listening to and watching and feeling in general, and updates on all my published work and rap life. And I’m on Instagram as well!

Twitter: @StanIpcus

Instagram: @IppyDippy

Holler at your boy!!! Cheah…

Best of Westchester Top 5 Tables 2013

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Westcheddar correspondent Billy Henderson was back on the scene at this year’s annual Best of Westchester party, hosted by Westchester Magazine. It’s the party of the summer in the 914, and as always, Billy blessed us with his Top 5 Tables at the event….

It’s that time of year again. The Best of Westchester Party  2013 popped off Wednesday night.  Bill Murray, great weather, fake asses (goddamn) and my cousin Lars all made an appearance. I was half drunk on the 6 train when I wrote this Top 5, sitting next to a Bronx State escapee and a teenage girl who was convinced that everyone on the train wanted to hear Chris Brown mad early in the morning. Me, I was turning up the Willie Hutch. Let’s get into it.

1. X2O

71 Water Grant Street

Yonkers, NY 10701



For years Chef Peter Kelly walked around like he ran the BOW party. This year he proved it. Not only did he bring Bill Murray and his new vodka line, he had the best dish there. A Thai marinated grilled shrimp with fresh watermelon, kafir lime, toasted cumin and goat cheese. It read and looked confusing. I’m still wondering why it tasted so fucking delicious. God bless Chef.

2. Mt. Kisco Seafood

477 Lexington Avenue

Mt. Kisco, NY 10549



These guys show up every year. All shucking and no jiving. 1600 Oysters from B.C. and Strong Island. Simple yet perfect.

3. The Tarry Lodge

18 Mill Street

Port Chester, NY 10573



First time appearance for this place. They had mortadella profiteroles and a crostini of corn purée and crumbled pancetta. Slammin’.

4. The Cookery

39 Chestnut Street

Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522



Chef Dave was in the house again this year with the best meatball in the county. Simple, delicate, delicious, and square.

5. Haymount House

25 Studio Hill Road

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510



This place had a few things but their gazpacho with pikachoo crab hit the spot. Cold. Smooth. Crab. Winning combination.

That’s the fuckin’ list. Shouts to Uncle Ralph for another great party, Slovenia vodka, Bill Murray, Westchester MILFs, Chef Bronsolino, and Lars. Stanley Ipcus and Westcheddar…… you already know. See ya next year.

Thanks for another epic recap, Billy! Gotta get babysitters for next year’s party. Been too long since I was in attendance. Peace to Lawyer Mike. One.