The Goings On

November 4, 2014

I’ve known Oddisee since my College Park days, and I gotta say, dude makes dope music. I love this new live video of him performing “The Goings On” with Good Compny. Great setting, and I particularly dig the harmonies on the hook. And of course O spits wonderfully over the laid-back beat. Check it out, DMV stand up.

Local Legend

November 13, 2013


Damn son, I fell off. I vowed to never neglect my baby, Westcheddar, and I have. I’m sorry fam. But I’ve been busy as shit with my actual babies, and taking care of business working my full-time job and writing for NahRight and doing other side work. And in the meantime, I dropped an album on iTunes! My first official album release ever after rapping for almost two decades (that’s crazy). It’s called Local Legend, and it’s ten of my favorite tracks of all-time, on one album, put together to tell my story and showcase my MC and production abilities. I’m very happy with how it was received, and I want to make sure it’s the top post here on Westcheddar while I’m off doing other things. Gonna post a bunch of Local Legend related stuff below. Ready? Heeeere we go…

Local Legend on iTunes!!!!!!!

Mass Appeal Premiere of “How I Met Your Mother”

Local Legend Album Stream

WNYU Interview with Dharmic X

Stan Ipcus “Cap” (Bonus Track)

Stan Ipcus & Friends LIVE! at Webster Hall feat. Matty B, Roga Raph, Denzil Porter, Marlon “Moshe” Sobol, Matisyahu, and Peter Rosenberg (11/4/13)

As for my writing, stay tuned to NahRight for my feature work, and this link below to THE WALL OF IP, which is all my feature work in one spot. I update it every time I have something big published.


Peace to all my Westcheddar fam. I’m out here. Follow me on Twitter for a daily feed of all the stuff I’m listening to and watching and feeling in general, and updates on all my published work and rap life. And I’m on Instagram as well!

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Holler at your boy!!! Cheah…


Westcheddar correspondent Billy Henderson was back on the scene at this year’s annual Best of Westchester party, hosted by Westchester Magazine. It’s the party of the summer in the 914, and as always, Billy blessed us with his Top 5 Tables at the event….

It’s that time of year again. The Best of Westchester Party  2013 popped off Wednesday night.  Bill Murray, great weather, fake asses (goddamn) and my cousin Lars all made an appearance. I was half drunk on the 6 train when I wrote this Top 5, sitting next to a Bronx State escapee and a teenage girl who was convinced that everyone on the train wanted to hear Chris Brown mad early in the morning. Me, I was turning up the Willie Hutch. Let’s get into it.

1. X2O

71 Water Grant Street

Yonkers, NY 10701


For years Chef Peter Kelly walked around like he ran the BOW party. This year he proved it. Not only did he bring Bill Murray and his new vodka line, he had the best dish there. A Thai marinated grilled shrimp with fresh watermelon, kafir lime, toasted cumin and goat cheese. It read and looked confusing. I’m still wondering why it tasted so fucking delicious. God bless Chef.

2. Mt. Kisco Seafood

477 Lexington Avenue

Mt. Kisco, NY 10549


These guys show up every year. All shucking and no jiving. 1600 Oysters from B.C. and Strong Island. Simple yet perfect.

3. The Tarry Lodge

18 Mill Street

Port Chester, NY 10573


First time appearance for this place. They had mortadella profiteroles and a crostini of corn purée and crumbled pancetta. Slammin’.

4. The Cookery

39 Chestnut Street

Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522


Chef Dave was in the house again this year with the best meatball in the county. Simple, delicate, delicious, and square.

5. Haymount House

25 Studio Hill Road

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510


This place had a few things but their gazpacho with pikachoo crab hit the spot. Cold. Smooth. Crab. Winning combination.

That’s the fuckin’ list. Shouts to Uncle Ralph for another great party, Slovenia vodka, Bill Murray, Westchester MILFs, Chef Bronsolino, and Lars. Stanley Ipcus and Westcheddar…… you already know. See ya next year.

Thanks for another epic recap, Billy! Gotta get babysitters for next year’s party. Been too long since I was in attendance. Peace to Lawyer Mike. One.

Fatal Flow

February 25, 2013


My dude Killa Whale from White Plains dropped this “Fatality” freestyle a few weeks ago over one of my favorite beats from last year, the Alchemist-produced posse cut “Elimination Chamber,” and I’ve been meaning to post it for a while now. And since I’ve been literally listening to it on repeat for the last week, in the whip and in the crib, I just had to finally get it up here while it’s fresh on my brain. Always loved Whale’s bars and flow and demeanor in general, and this is just a good old-fashioned mixtape-type cut that perfectly displays his talent. You gotta love the line, “Matter fact, it’s a triple entendre, ’cause I’m high on this plane I’m on, and in the Plains I’m on.” Hard body.

Shout to all my fam in WP. Holler at your boy. Cheah.

Bobby’s Back

January 13, 2013

Westcheddar alumnus Nick Kroll has a new sketch show coming out on Comedy Central, and one of the characters he’s bringing back is everyone’s favorite Jersey Shore wannabe Bobby Bottleservice. In this new clip, Bobby B finds who quite possibly may be his soulmate online, and they engage in a hilarious video chat. You gotta love when Bobby describes himself as “a very cool, very white Jay-Z.” Watch above, and tune in to the premiere of Kroll Show this Wednesday, January 16th at 10:30pm.

Bronson At The Beach

October 15, 2012

In the above video clip, Action Bronson and The Alchemist sit on the beach in Santa Monica completely stoned and have a chat. It’s amazing. I don’t even want to write too much about it, I just want you all to watch. I def need a part two to this, and eventually, I will need the uncut footage from this whole conversation.

After you watch this, read Complex’s interview with The Alchemist conducted by my dude Insanul, where he tells all the stories behind his classic songs. Links below.

The Alchemist Tells All: The Stories Behind His Classic Records

Part One | Part Two

Stay tuned for new music from Bronson and Alchemist coming soon. I can’t fucking wait.


Watch Action Bronson Rap From Inside a Porta Potty

Action Bronson x Snoop Dogg on GGN

Best Man Speech of the Year

October 11, 2012

My boy Scott aka Tic (above left) got married this past weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, and my other boy Matty B (above right), who you may remember from the “Hammer” chorus, was his Best Man. And his Best Man Speech was legendary. I’m pretty sure that even heads who don’t know Tic or Matty will find this entertaining. And yes, that’s me dying laughing the whole time in the background while filming. Props to Matty for killing it and going off the cuff. He called me last Friday to flesh out some ideas, had a whole Top 10 list he was gonna do, and then decided to wing it. And he nailed it. Watch below…

Congrats to Scott and Maria! Twist!

Dope Boy

July 27, 2012

Wanna know what’s hot in the streets of White Plains right now? Watch the video above by Dekalb and Frat Boyz representative Bizzy titled “Dope Boy.” This is straight G shit. My dude is not fucking around. If you feel this, check out his mixtape Sunday Morning HERE. Hollerrr.

Down Aisle Ten

July 26, 2012

One of my close friends from White Plains, Daniel Friedland, just had his first novel published titled Down Aisle Ten. Of course, here at Westcheddar, I support creative and artistic endeavors by local talent from the 914, especially by those people who have inspired me through the years. Dan and I used to chill every day in and out of school, cracking each other up during Spanish class and driving around town listening to Beastie Boys and G. Love & Special Sauce. He also played a guest starring role on our public access television show, Prime Time with Dan and Andrew, where he would pop up in skits and do stuff like quote lines from Three Amigos while wearing a flower pot on his head.

To help support and market his new novel here at Westcheddar, I kindly asked Dan to put together a list of the Top Ten Reasons To Buy Down Aisle Ten. And of course, he delivered in grand fashion. Read below as he gives us his reasons to purchase…

Top Ten Reasons To Buy Down Aisle Ten by Daniel Friedland

1. Watching the news on TV upsets you. Could they possibly be right? Is there a good reason to be afraid of your (insert seemingly innocent household item here)? Should you really watch out for your (doctor/mailman/neighbor)? And just how dangerous is this (food/chemical/country/tropical disease)? Try to gain some perspective on these matters by reading Down Aisle Ten, a funny take on modern anxieties.

2. You just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey and you’re having difficulty looking at yourself in the mirror. You are also struggling to look at other people without imagining them in various erotic spanking scenes. The cure for your predicament? Read Down Aisle Ten and experience a thought-provoking satire about contemporary life.

3. You are in need of a good laugh. Summer is supposed to be fun, but the hot weather is getting you down, the drought is making you worried about the price of corn tortillas, and the upcoming presidential campaign looks like it’s going to get ugly. Of course, Down Aisle Ten isn’t a pure start to finish “pick-me-up” – it’s more of a satirical tragicomedy with a bit of “ha-ha” dystopianism thrown in – but the book is likely to prompt at least a few satisfying chuckles.

4. You have finished Vonnegut’s last book and you don’t know what else to read. So it goes. Of course, you could go back to Cat’s Cradle and see if that whole Ice-9 thing turns out differently this time, or you could try something new. One Amazon reviewer of Down Aisle Ten wrote that “Kurt Vonnegut is alive and well!!” Don’t take that too literally – he’s still dead.

5. Kirkus Reviews really liked it! The self-described “world’s toughest book critics” read Down Aisle Ten and called it a “darkly funny take on modern anxieties.” They said a few other nice things, such as describing the book as a “clever debut” and commenting that the “bouncy narration crackles with sharp observations about human behavior.” Upon receiving this very flattering review, the author poured himself a nice glass of bourbon and called his mother.

6. You’d like to support a new author. That’s a great idea! Breaking into the crazy world of publishing is harder than solving a rubik’s cube while fighting off tiger sharks. Or something like that. The author of Down Aisle Ten also happens to be an upstanding fellow with no criminal record. On the off chance this book enables him to purchase a mansion, you will be invited over to Castle Friedland to enjoy poolside caviar, white truffles, and sazerac. The butler doesn’t need to be tipped. Good service is already part of his salary.

7. It costs less than a venti Frappuccino at Starbucks. At least that’s true if you have a Kindle or iPad and you’re happy reading the electronic version of Down Aisle Ten. Of course, Kindles and iPads cost a lot more than Frappuccinos and it’s up to you to determine how you spend your money and how badly you require an ice-cold combination of coffee, caramel, whipped cream, and mocha. Oh god that sounds good. The paperback version of Down Aisle Ten is reasonably priced, so you’re in luck if you prefer holding a book in your hands. Also, if you really do measure your wealth in Starbucks beverages, we should have a serious talk.

8. It’s a great summer book. Imagine this – you’re on a beach and taking some much needed vacation time. It’s the perfect moment for Down Aisle Ten. You reach into your beach bag and commend yourself for having the foresight to bring along a hilarious and exciting new book. You are so engrossed in the twists and turns of Down Aisle Ten – the spread of USAC disorder, the quarantine bubble, the escape, MatchMaster, the fates of Harold, Dr. Edward, Officer Donaldson, and Denise – that you are unaware of mosquitoes biting you.

9. The sinister chicken on the cover scares you. Best advice? Don’t disappoint an angry rooster. It’s just not a good idea. The safest thing to do is buy the book, fold back the front cover, and start reading. You will thus not have to look into its evil eyes.

10. A lonely impulse of delight? Sorry to start throwing Yeats quotes at you, but perhaps you should just buy Down Aisle Ten without thinking about it too much. People tend to overanalyze things – sometimes it’s better to just act. Also, do you know how hard it is to come up with ten good reasons to purchase a new book? Our base-10 math system is so oppressive. If everyone had only nine fingers and nine toes, this last paragraph wouldn’t be necessary. Think about it – why does multiplying everything by ten seem so simple? That is all.

Cop Down Aisle Ten HERE. Do it. Now. Holler.

My dude Billy Henderson is back once again with his Top 5 Tables from Westchester Magazine’s Best Of Westchester party, easily the most baller summer party of the year in the 914. Here’s his brilliant breakdown…

It’s that time again. Uncle Ralph’s annual party on the L.I. Sound jumped off last night. It was hot, steamy, and jammed packed like always. Lots of music, lots of food, one creepy old magician, and one reality TV family from the Housewives of New Jersey. The Kardashians are really fuckin’ expensive apparently. Most importantly there was lots of food to eat and that’s why my fat ass is writing this. Lets do this:

1. Mt. Kisco Seafood
477 Lexington Avenue
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

One great thing about this year was the abundance of seafood. These guys were on last year’s list for a reason. Outside on an extremely hot night, these guys shucked 1800 clams and oysters. The clams were from Strong Island’s North Shore and the oysters were from the fine state of Washington. Super fresh. Super briny. Super simple. Super.

2. The Cookery’s Dough Nation
39 Chestnut Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

When I walked into the party, it was hard to miss Chef Dave’s custom made, wood burning pizza oven in front of the place. It was also hard to miss the lightning in the background. Eventually Chef Dave’s team waited out the passing storm and started banging out six or seven types of delicious pizza. Fresh dough, homemade mozzarella, and an insane portable oven. Really tasty. Margarita and lemon pies were standouts. Nice.

3. Sushi Mike’s
146 Main Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Sushi Mike had his game face on this year as he worked the line, saucing plates and spitting game to wealthy white women. Lots of women at this table. There was a rumor of women throwing up in the bathroom to make room for more sushi. Gross but possible. There was a bootleg Sushi place downstairs, that I’m sure Sushi Mike found comical. I did. I laughed, as I inhaled multiple pieces of incredible sushi into my mouth. Real Sushi. No Bootleg. Thank You Mike.

4. Chat American Grill
1 Christie Place
Scarsdale, NY 10538

This table had a few choices of food to taste from, which I’m not a big fan of. Focus on one dish, make it tasty and maybe you’ll make this list. Fortunately, one of those choices was a lobster taco. Freshly made, mini hard taco shell, filled with lobster and mango. I buried a half dozen of those joints. Tasty.

5. MP Taverna
1 Bridge Street
Irvington, NY 10533

I approached this table and there was a bald chef with his head down preparing food. As he lifted his head, I realized it was Chef Michael Psilakis. If you ever watched Food Network’s “Chopped’ or pay attention to the food scene in this country, you would recognize this guy. I recognized him and know for a fact that he is a extremely badass chef. What I didn’t know was that this chef is a gigantic jerkoff. Chef Jerkoff was serving “Greek Sushi.” I asked him to explain this piece of sushi and he gave me a look of pure disgust. The “Greek Sushi” consisted of sushi rice, scallop, pistachio butter, pickled fennel, preserved cherry and yogurt. If you’re going to have so many ingredients in one bite of food, you will need to explain that shit jerkoff. I’m sure this nerd caught a lot of wedgies in high school and he tried to take it out on potential customers like myself. If there was a camera around when I asked, he would of put on an entire cooking demo for me. Chef Jerkoff was a little too gassed for my taste but his “Greek Sushi” was really delicious.

Shouts to Uncle Ralph, WESTCHEDDAR, Ipcus, Anti Griddles, girls dressed like Mermaids, custom Pizza Ovens, that kid from high school that I couldn’t remember, humidity, reality TV families, Smartinellis, Kruegers, S.S. Kildare, all cooks and staff at the party……………….Great Night as always. See ya next year.

Billy! Another year, another incredible review! Thanks for sending over. Give me a heads up next year, I gotta make my way back to this party. Haven’t been in a few years. But next year I’ll get a sitter and come pop off like old times. Cheah…


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