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A bunch of the girls at the BGC come into the Cultural Arts Center rocking these new Pastry sneakers (above).  They’re pretty fresh.  Pastry is the brand started by Run’s House “Simmons Sisters” Angela and Vanessa.  They actually have a spinoff starting soon of the popular MTV show (which I admit to watching, it’s fun and my fiancee loves it), called DADDY’S GIRLS.  Check out a picture of the Angela and Vanessa with my dudes from Dirty Jax…

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Well, by request, I revealed a new sneaker design coloring sheet called the BGC PASTRY, based off the sneaker at the top of the post.  It’s become very popular with all the kids in the center, check it out…


There’s been quite a few kids that have come up with great designs and color schemes, but this one below is the hottest one I’ve seen yet.  It was actually done by one of the college aged staff girls….


Her third grade group is really into the sneaker design, so she started a 3rd Grade Kicks wall in her classroom.  It’s only a week old, so we’ll see how it grows, but take a look at it so far…


Stay tuned for more new coloring sheets.  I’ve got my mind on some new sneaker designs.  I think I’m gonna do a skate shoe next.  And you can check out my past designs at the links below if you missed them, including “Sneaker of the Week” winners from the summer, and my full ’07-’08 coloring sheet collection that I posted a few months back…

Sneaker of the Week part 1 

Sneaker of the Week part 2

BGC Coloring Sheet Collection

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