I started this blog to build a bridge between Daniel Isenberg and Stan Ipcus. We’re both the same guy, though at times we serve different roles. Daniel Isenberg is my birthname, and the name I use in my professional work as a Youth Director and a writer. Stan Ipcus is my stage name that I use when I am rapping, and it’s also what all my friends call me.

It gets a little confusing when kids at my job say “What up Ip?!?!?” But that’s cool. A good nickname always sticks, and I’ve had mine since it was given to me when I was 16 years old (I’m 30 now). Everyone in my life knows me as Ipcus in some way, even if they’ve never heard me spit they’ve heard people say the name. Some kids I used to work with in Mamaroneck used to call me “Mr. Ipcus” because that’s what they thought my real last name was. I let them roll with it.

So this blog is a bridge for me. My posts will be from both my Daniel Isenberg world and my Stan Ipcus world.  And when those two worlds collide, they create this here flavor filled blog I call WESTCHEDDAR.  I mean, come on B!  I was raised in White Plains, I live in New Rochelle, and I’ve worked everywhere from Mount Vernon to Mount Kisco with the kids.  Plus, all my rap albums, from the beats to the rhymes to the skits to the cover art, are from the unique perspective of a fly whiteboy growing up and residing 15 minutes from hip-hop’s birthplace.  Not to mention I’m on a little Matisyahu grammy nominated platinum YOUTH album song called “WP”, the only track in music history to ever be released by a major label about White Plains. I AM WESTCHEDDAR. Gimme mines! If it’s dope and it is part of my colliding worlds, you will find it here.

Welcome to WESTCHEDDAR….


contact: daniel.isenberg.ip@gmail.com

P.S.  Oh yeah, the picture in the header is of me and a pre-beard Matisyahu performing live in Mount Vernon, Fall 2000.  How WESTCHEDDAR is that?  And that’s Max B in the back, he rocked with us that day too.  Cheah.

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