Ill Doctrine


I’ve been checking this website out for a few months now and it’s about time that I give it some burn here.  ILL DOCTRINE is a video blog (a VLOG!) created by and featuring J SMOOTH, who is responsible for starting and also hosting the longest running hip hop radio show in NYC, WBAI’s Underground Radio.  J SMOOTH first caught my attention when I saw his “A Beginner’s Guide to NO HOMO” vlog posted on the bible for hip-hop media, NAHRIGHT.  It was honest, intelligent, funny, accurate, and eloquent.  Check it out…

Seeing this of course led me to his website, ILL DOCTRINE, where I found a bunch of videos, shot in a similar style, covering all sorts of political, social, and hip-hop related topics.  J SMOOTH knows his stuff, and has a fresh perspective on lots of relevant issues that concern the people of this generation.  And he’s musically talented too.  Check out this little vlog ditty, I bet my dude Max B would appreciate this…

Here’s J SMOOTH’s newest vlog, about the recent economic crisis.  I’m sure most us can relate when he says “I don’t understand what any of this stuff means, I don’t understand economics!”

Stay tuned to J SMOOTH at ILL DOCTRINE


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