Fox Trot


First of all, how awesome are these album covers?  Pretty rad huh?  So is the band.  Fleet Foxes are one of the newest members to the SUB POP Records family, which also includes my two other favorite bands, The Shins and Band of Horses, and my dude Iron & Wine.  I first discovered their Sun GIant EP (pictured above) on the “Staff Picks” shelf at a random Borders in Farmington, Connecticut this past spring while visiting my fiancee’s family.  They were described as “a modern day Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young”.  I was so intrigued by the cover and the description (and the fact they were on SUB POP) that I tried to hunt down the staff member responsible for making the pick.  Turns out he wasn’t in, but supposedly he came to work the day before ranting and raving about them.  So I bought the EP.

I wanted to love it, so badly.  But I didn’t.  I LIKED IT ALOT though.  One song in particular stood out, “Mykonos”.  Check out this video a fan of theirs made, it’s set to pictures of the Greek Island the song is named after, which perfectly accompanies the sort of natural harmonic sound this band has (haha you like that description right!)…and after that, check them performing the song live on tour in Denver…

Friends honor Mykonos is on my TOP 5 PLACES I WANT TO VISIT BEFORE I DIE…best believe I will be pumping this track heavy on the portable IPOD speakers whenever I get there… 

Then a couple months later, their full album dropped (cover second from the top).  I LOVED IT.  Particularly because of two songs.  The first was “Blue Ridge Mountains”, it’s so ill.  Check out the fan made video for this one, and their performance of the song on Late Night with David Letterman…

Also on their self-titled album is another gem, “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song”…first video is again set to a landscape of American beauty, and the latter is a live in London clip…

Definitely cop the album, it’s a breath of fresh air.  Lots of other great songs on there too.  Check the Fleet Foxes live in New York CIty next weekend on October 4th at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom and October 5th at Webster Hall.  Both shows are sold out so scalp off.  Peace, love, and harmony….


In the beginning of “My Ferris Buellers” video, I snuck in a clip of a Fleet Foxes track.  What was it?  Name it in the comment section and I will mail you an official copy of my last three mixtapes, FLIRTING WITH FAME, REAL BREEZY, AND BACHELOR PARTY complete with bonus tracks…be sure to include an email contact so I can contact you for your mailing addresss…..holllerrrrrrr.

P.S. Stay tuned for my video tribute to The Shins…and for those of you not up on Iron & Wine, peep both the official video and a live acoustic clip of a song from his latest album The Shepard’s Dog, it’s called “Boy with a Coin”…

Sub Pop is the shizz.


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