Old Friends



Remember when The Diplomats were fresh out the box?  They used to come up to Hot 97 and shut the city down, and release the dopest mixtapes (Diplomats Vol. 2 above is my personal favorite).  I miss those days, when they were one crew.  Now it seems that Cam’ron and Jim Jones have gone their separate ways.  Hopefully they will reunite soon.  Until then, enjoy this clip I dug out of my collection of hip hop DVD’s (after a personal request for more of THESE TYPES OF VINTAGE VIDEOS from the one and only Miss Info), featuring a studio interview with Cam’ron from his pre- S.D.E. days.  Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey are both in the building (this was filmed before Juelz Santana was around), and Jim and Cam both spit verses at the end of the interview.  This is classic footage right here, especially for the true Diplomats fans.  There’s alot of them here in Westcheddar…

Gonna go pull out S.D.E., haven’t listened to it in a while.  Get at me…

*BONUS*  Ooops, my mistake, Juelz Santana was around at that time, he’s actually on a couple S.D.E. songs.  Check out this Stretch Armstrong 15 minute rhyme session from back then with Cam and Juelz going back and forth.  I used to ride out to this non-stop.  Awesome.

Cam’ron and Juelz live 15 minute rap session on Stretch Armstrong show

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