White Boys


Okay, this kid Justin Bieber has every middle school girl that I work with in an absolute tizzy.  Constant Youtubing of his videos and songs, they all have his picture on their phone’s main screen (and supposedly all over their bedroom walls too), and they can’t stop talking about him.  They played the video above for me today, which I had never seen, and I was actually really impressed.  He’s playing the piano, and he sings pretty, pretty good.  He’s like the next Justin Timberlake, though I’m not sure if he can dance.  Maybe the next Jesse McCartney is more accurate.  Regardless, the middle school girls are riding with him, and I thought posting his performance of his ballad “Where Are You Know” would be appropriate to keep all my Westcheddar readers in the loop with the youth.  I mean, it’s got 7 million views.  I think he’s on the verge of major superstardom.  By the way, he’s managed by the same guy who discovered Asher Roth.  Interesting.  Oh, and below, check out John Mayer’s new video “Who Says”, which I happen to think is kinda dope.  Yes, I’m a John Mayer fan.  Sue me.

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