Biggie Smalls Live


I never got to see Biggie live.  He got killed too young.  I was only 18 when he was murdered, and I really do believe that hip hop changed that day.  Sure, there’s been lots of classic songs and albums released since then by some amazing artists, and I’m still one of the biggest rap fans around.  But since he died, THINGS DONE CHANGED.  A lot of these bums would not have careers if he was still alive.  Or maybe they would, but we wouldn’t care, because Biggie would be pumping out too much heat for us to notice.  I guess there is life after death for hip hop, and Jay-Z has done a great job holding it down for the original King of New York.  But we will always wonder, “what if Biggie was still alive?”  Well for those of you like me who never got to see B.I.G. on stage, check out this great mixtape by DJ Semi, filled with rare live performances from the late great Biggie Smalls…


And please, stay tuned to UPNORTHTRIPS today as me and my partner EvBoogie pay tribute to Biggie with a whole lot of rare pictures, video, mixtapes, etc.  You don’t want to miss it.  I’ll update this post with the full recap at the end of the day, but for now, GO THERE AND CHECK IT OUT.



Here’s the full UPNORTHTRIPS recap from yesterday, which includes the links to the 60 plus Biggie posts we put up yesterday…


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