It’s All Wood


Shout out to Matty B for putting me on to these dudes The Wood Brothers.  I like their style.  Just two bros with an acoustic guitar and an upright bass, and some down home vocals and harmonies (one of them was formerly in Medeski Martin and Wood).  Nice job boys.  Check them below as they perform my two favorites for Paste Magazine from their album Loaded, “Lovin’ Arms” and “Twisted”.  And I quote, “I know what it means to be twisted”.  Me too.  Cheah!

“Lovin’ Arms”


I realize I probably need a late pass for these dudes and the Avett Brothers (I posted their video last week), but hey, this is what’s in heavy rotation in Westcheddar right now!  The Wood Brothers actually have a few albums, one that’s even newer than Loaded, so if you like what you hear, go check out the rest of their stuff.  That’s what I’m gonna do!


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