Heavy Smokers


My boy Ev Boogie at Up North Trips has been telling me about the Harlem bred pothead MC Smoke Dza for a while.  So when his new mixtape dropped last week, George Kush Da Button, I was excited to check it out, especially when I saw that more half of the production is by Ski Beatz (you probably know him best from his work on Reasonable Doubt and Camp Lo’s first album).  Well I’ve been thumping it for the past few days, and I like it.  There’s some nice songs on there.  Ski did his thing, and Smoke Dza’s pretty sharp with the mic (coincidentally he flows like a young Jay-Z at times).  Definitely worth checking out if you like weed-influenced rap music.  My favorites are the opening track “Continental Kush Breakfast”, and the Ski Beatz produced songs “Sour Hour” and “We On”.  Stream and download for free HERE.

Another rapper out there from the new school who loves smoking is Curren$y.  I first heard him on Lil’ Wayne’s song “Grown Man” years ago, and since he’s broken off and started his own movement, dropped a bunch of mixtapes, and now, along with Smoke Dza, is part of the Ski Beatz collective.  His new album, Pilot Talk, also features production from Ski, and guest appearances from heavy smokers Smoke Dza (they’re both on each others projects), Devin the Dude, and Snoop Dogg, as well as guest spots from two of the best up and coming rappers Mikey Rocks from The Cool Kids and Jay Electronica.  My two favorite cuts on the album, “Skybourne” (featuring Smoke Dza and Big K.R.I.T.) and “The Day” (featuring Jay Electronica and Mos Def) were both produced by Ski Beatz.  Again, if you like your trees to mix with your rap music, you might want to check this out.  Cop it HERE.

*I zipped up my faves from both joints for you to download.  That’s how much I care about my loyal readers.  Get them HERE.  And be on the look out for Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School project, which I previewed a few months ago, featuring all these same dudes and more.  It drops next month.  Light up!

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