Fantasy Camp


Kanye West’s new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropped yesterday, and Complex Magazine celebrated its release by revealing their cover story on how the album was created.  Written by seasoned hip hop journalist/editor Noah Callahan-Bever, the story gives us a behind the scenes look at Kanye’s time in Hawaii recording the album, and the day to day process, which included frequent guest collaborators (see pic of ‘Ye and Rza above), communal studio sessions, elaborate breakfasts, lots of basketball, fun rules (click pic below to enlarge), and very little sleep.  Here’s the link to the article and photo gallery…

Complex Magazine- Kanye West- Project Runaway and Photo Gallery

Cheers to Complex for a job well done.  For more, read Vulture’s Making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: An Oral History HERE, and also Rolling Stone Magazine’s 5 star review of the album HERE.  Oh, and watch his 34 minute film/music video Runaway, which features lots of music from the new album, HERE.  Hollerrr.

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