Ipcus Madness

Events, Stan Ipcus

Since my Terps didn’t make the NCAA Tournament this year, I decided to bring something new to March.  IPCUS MADNESS.  A tournament featuring a field of 64 Stan Ipcus songs, all fighting to be voted THE GREATEST STAN IPCUS SONG OF ALL TIME!!!!  Peep the bracket below…


The first round starts today.  To play, all you have to do is stay tuned to my Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud, listen to the two songs in each game that I post, and vote for your favorite!  Posting your votes on Facebook underneath each game post is probably the preferred method, but if you aren’t on FB, use the other links below to follow along and vote by hitting me up with @ replys or DMs on Twitter or leaving your votes in the Westcheddar comments section…



(Souncloud is where all the battles are posted to scroll through)

I will update the bracket above with winners, and recap all the action on Westcheddar too.  Thanks for participating.  Enjoy the music, and most importantly, have fun!!!!!!!


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