Daddy Dice


I was about ten years old when Andrew Dice Clay blew up, and I vividly remember reciting his jokes and filthy renditions of classic poems with my friends as we walked home from school. With no internet, I’m not exactly sure how we knew all his material. I guess one of us had his stand up tape or something, or we saw him doing his routines on TV. Lots of us had older brothers and cousins or neighbors who would put us on to all the shit we probably shouldn’t have known about at that age. But Dice was the man, and we’d imitate the way he smoked bogies with our straws at lunch and stuff like that, and we’d crack each other up trying to do impressions of him. It was basically Dice and Eddie Murphy. Those were the two biggest stand up guys out, and we thought they were hilarious. Check this clip of Andrew Dice Clay from 1987, introduced by Rodney Dangerfield…

Now, after about two decades of basically being off the map, Dice is back in the mix, making a guest appearance as himself on this season of Entourage (see pic below right with Johnny Drama). And lucky for comedy podcast nerds like myself, Dice was this week’s guest on WTF with Marc Maron, a show I’ve featured on Westcheddar before that is easily the best in the comedy podcast genre. It’s a great interview, especially if you don’t know much about the Dice Man’s history. He tells old stories about coming up in Brooklyn, how he became a household name, his family life as a Dad and husband (he’s been married three times and has two sons), and what he’s up to now. And his oldest son Max Silverstein (he uses their real Jewish last name), who is 20 and also a stand up comic, makes an appearance at the end of the show too, and talks about what it’s like to open up for his father and lots of other stuff about having Dice as a Dad. This is a must listen…

Download/Stream WTF with Marc Maron: ANDREW DICE CLAY


One thought on “Daddy Dice

  1. i also recommend listening to Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. shit is off the meat rack. also check out the Nerdist podcast, if you’re really thinking about getting brolick.

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