Two Kings


This video is so fucking dope. Watch The Throne is right. These guys are the best, and they know it. Look how much fun they’re having. Seriously, all praises due to these two. And I’m not the biggest fan of the album, but it does have some serious gems on it (see below). I love “Otis,” and the video just made it that much better. Props to Spike Jonze, who’s produced some other classic hip hop videos in his day, like Beastie Boys “Sabatoge,” and The Pharcyde “Drop”. And shout out to comedian/actor Aziz Ansari for making a nice cameo in this too, that’s what’s up. Watch The Throne is in stores today, and I look forward to purchasing my physical copy.

Ip’s Watch The Throne Picks:

“No Church In The Wild”- They both murder their verses, and Frank Ocean slays the hook. Love the dark, minimalist production on this too. Q-Tip said on Twitter he “laced the loop” for the beat too.

“Niggas In Paris”- This beat is on some crazy dub step shit, which I normally wouldn’t feel, but Hov goes in so hard on this it is undeniable. His flow is ridiculous. Very fun song.

“Otis”- I love the format of this track, how they just go back and forth trading blocks of bars. Lots of quotables, and they both come off on every mini-verse. And it’s nice to hear some real organic sounding hip hop shit be the lead single off a huge release like this. It doesn’t get much more monumental for me than hearing the two hottest rappers in the world go back and forth over a perfectly chopped up soul sample.

“That’s My Bitch”- This song leaked a while back, and I thought it was cool, but now after hearing it on the album, I like it even more. Q-Tip did some fresh shit with this beat. They both spit dope rhymes on it too (Kanye does a nice little homage to Slick Rick), and the singing on the hook and the bridge are really fly. This might be the most progressive sounding song on the album.

“The Joy”- Another song that came out a while back as part of the G.O.O.D. Fridays series. I had the pleasure of talking about this song during my interview with its producer Pete Rock, and it holds up as a incredibly solid bonus cut. I admit, I was hoping more of WTT would feel like this, but I can’t be mad at Kanye and Jay for pushing the envelope and trying out some new sounds, even if some of them don’t appease my palette.

Those are just my personal favorites, and the songs I actually will be listening to for years to come. There’s other hot cuts on this album, so go check it out for yourself. Have a great weekend Westcheddar.

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