Fruit Bats Banger


I’ve known about the Fruit Bats for a while now, and I always thought they were cool. They’re signed to SubPop, their leader Eric D. Johnson spent the past couple years playing guitar with my favorite band of all time The Shins touring and recording (supposedly him and James Mercer are great friends), and they’ve put out some solid albums over the past decade that have that Shins-y, indie folk feel that I love. But for a band to truly win my heart, I need to hear that one song of theirs, that gem, that track that I hear and right away I know, yo, THAT SHIT IS DOPE. Well, this morning I finally heard it. I was on Twitter, and I saw that the Fruit Bats were the featured band on Paste Magazine’s website, and when I clicked the link to the article, their song “Tangie and Ray” (from their new album Tripper) started streaming. And it hit me in the domepiece! This is the one! Check it out above and hear for yourself. And then, watch them perform it live on KEXP in Seattle HERE.

Want more Fruit Bats? Go to their official website/blog, and also watch their 80’s infused video for the first single from Tripper “You’re Too Weird”. It’s mad weird! Have a great evening…

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