Hip Hop Is Alive


Some of my friends recently engaged me in a discussion about hip hop. They thought it was dead, and I told them that wasn’t the case. Yes, like them, I yearn to hear songs that sound like the classic material we grew up on by artists like Nas, Biggie, Mobb Deep, and Wu-Tang Clan. And to some extent, they’re right about the death of hip hop, especially when talking about classic albums (I can probably count on one hand the number of high quality rap LPs that have been released in the last few years). However, there are still really great hip hop songs being made in 2011, which only means there is hope that another Illmatic is around the corner. But my friends are a bit out of the loop, so they assume that the only things popping are what comes across their limited radar via TV and radio. Most of them aren’t exactly combing the blogs or listening to underground satellite shows and podcasts in search of the new hotness.

And that’s the thing. To know that the real shit is still ringing off, you need to pay attention, and know where to look. And that’s why I’m here, to share it with you. Open your ears ladies and gentleman! Some of our favorite hip hop artists from yesteryear are still making great songs. Check out Showbiz and A.G.’s latest release, “Show and A,” off their upcoming album Mugshot Music (see a classic pic of the duo from an old issude of The Source pictured above). This is the hardest beat I’ve heard in years. And the raps are dope too. This song is proof that real New York City hip hop is alive!

Oh, and I should mention, though it is somewhat of a limited pool, there are new artists that are still making great hip hop music too, like Jay Electronica and Action Bronson. And your favorites from the 90’s like Nas and Mobb Deep are still dropping high quality shit as well. It doesn’t come in abundance, but there are still gems that can be heard amidst the bullshit. Stay tuned to Westcheddar, I’ll keep you in the loop, don’t worry.

P.S. Speaking of loops, I looped up this beat up and wrote three verses and a hook to it today. First song I’ve written in months. Thank you Showbiz and A.G. for the inspiration. Peace.

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