On The Road with Asher Roth

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My relationship with Asher Roth has gone through many stages. First, at the height of my hip-hop fame (after dropping “My Ferris Buellers”), I dissed him on wax, and it ended up on NahRight and all over the Internet. Then, a few weeks later, I saw him backstage at a Peter Rosenberg event and said what’s up, and it was all peace. At another Rosenberg event months after that, I met his boys Boyder and Brain Bangley, and his DJ Wreckineyez, and again, all peace, and lots of laughs even about the diss. Then, Asher dropped his Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry mixtape, and I loved it. So I wrote this post on Westcheddar called Deconstructing Asher, breaking down why I dissed him, and how I became his biggest fan. I tweeted the link to him, and he read it, and hit me back showing mad love and appreciation. Later that morning, we talked on the phone for about an hour, about everything, and ever since we’ve been friends. And now, with his new Def Jam deal signed (WOW!), and a new album and mixtape on the way, I reached out to interview Asher about what he loves to do most: perform live. Check the link to this exclusive Complex interview below, all about his live performance history…

Complex Magazine Interview: On The Road with Asher Roth

Also, check out Asher’s latest video above for “In The Kitchen” produced by Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids, off his upcoming mixtape Pabst & Jazz due later this month. Shit’s dope, and it features a cameo from none other than Action Bronson. Shout to Ash and his whole crew, best of luck with the new deal! Oh, and if you want some seriously entertaining whiteboy rap shit in your life, check out Boyder and Brain’s new mixtape For The Story.


Speaking of in the kitchen, The Fader Magazine paid a visit to Action Bronson’s crib last week to film him making leftover Thanksgiving sliders. If you saw his Bronson Burger, then you already know these things are off the meat rack. Peep game.

*By the way, this is my 500th Westcheddar post! Thanks to all my loyal readers who check out the site on the reg! Got something very epic (and I never use that word so you know I mean it) coming soon to celebrate….

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