Beyonce vs. Rihanna


Okay, we’ll all be arguing for the rest of our lives over who’s better: Jay-Z or Nas? Biggie or Tupac? But there’s one debate that’s been brewing for the past year or so, and I feel like now is a good time to bring it up, because I’ve been listening to both of their latest albums a lot recently in the whip with my family. Beyonce or Rihanna? To be fair, Beyonce’s kind of her elder, and she’s been around a little longer. But Rihanna has a few albums out now, and has been a part of enough hit records to compete. They’re both female R & B artists, but they’ve got different styles, swag, voices, production sounds, etc. The only person I’ve really had this discussion with is my wife, who maintains that Beyonce is better. And I can’t be mad at that. We’ve all seen her perform on award shows, and she’s ridiculous. And she’s got plenty of hits. Plus, she makes dope videos, and she’s hot as shit. But Rihanna, I don’t know. There is something super ill about her. Her voice, her look, her chi. She’s bad. And I’m starting to think that I just like her music better. I mean, her album Loud got nominated for Grammy Album of the Year, and Beyonce’s  didn’t. And Rihanna’s new album that just dropped last month, Talk That Talk has some of her best work to date on it. I don’t know. When its all said and done, can Rihanna take the crown from Beyonce as “hottest chick in the game”? Here’s their two latest videos to help aide this discussion. Check out Beyonce’s “Countdown” up top, and Rihanna’s “We Found Love” below. Each song and video is vastly different, but they’re both incredible….

Thoughts? Here’s one more from each of them to help. Both these tracks are my shit…

Beyonce “Party”

Rihanna “Man Down”



I knew I was on to something. Look, a few days later, and now Rolling Stone is breaking down the same debate HERE.

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