Echoes of Silence


Okay, so I’ve been listening to Drake’s new album literally every day since it came out, especially the slower songs with more singing than rapping. But this project, by Drake collaborator The Weeknd (he’s featured on Take Care’s “Crew Love”), just knocked it out of rotation for a minute. It will be back, for sure. But for the past week, Echoes of Silence, The Weeknd’s third official free album drop of 2011 has been on repeat. I’m in love with two tracks particularly: “Montreal” and “Initiation” (listen below). But the whole thing is worth checking out. This is the future of R&B music…



Download The Weeknd Echoes of Silence

And here’s my favorite song from his second release, Thursday. This is called “Life of the Party”…

Also, some decent live footage of a song I posted a while back from his first release House of Balloons, “What You Need,” so you can see the man behind the music in the flesh…

I’m looking forward to watching this guy blow the fuck up. Peace out.

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