Ghost Clips


Every once in a while, I get the urge to post some throwback hip-hop shit. Tonight, I’m in a Ghostface Killah mood. Here are two clips that never really surfaced on the mainstream hip-hop video shows, but nevertheless are classics. First is “Mighty Healthy,” followed by “Cobra Clutch.” Two of my favorite Ghost songs ever. Enjoy…

“Mighty Healthy”

“Cobra Clutch”

Don’t fuck with Ghost, you’ll feel sorry!!!!! Yo, for the real heads, UpNorthTrips (where I got the pic above) posted a record with some unreleased Ghost gems a few months back. Get that HERE. I’m out. One.


I just got put on to this project my boys at The Diggers Union put out this week, featuring blends of Ghostface rapping over DJ Premier beats. They also did a couple sweet little mini-mixes of original samples used by Ghost and Preem. Check it out for free HERE.

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