What’s Woody


Being a huge Woody Allen fan, I was hyped when his new documentary arrived on my doorstep last week. Turns out my Mom saw it on Amazon and had it shipped to me as a surprise. How cool is that? Anyway, after a long week of work and being a Dad, I finally found some time over the weekend while the kids were napping and my wife was out shopping to watch the two part doc in full. And though I admit I dozed off towards the end of part one with my younger son asleep on my chest (shit I was up on the morning shift feeding the kid at 6 A.M. what do you want from me?), I loved every minute of it. Check the trailer…

There are some great parts of this doc. Of course, the interviews with everyone are interesting, from Scarlett Johansson to Larry David, but the best is the behind the scenes access we get to Woody’s private life. He shows us the old ass typewriter he’s written every one of his movies on, and how he literally cuts and pastes his scripts together. Plus, he pulls out a pile of scrap papers he has compiled next to his bed, filled with notes and ideas that he turns into movie magic. Lots more stuff too as the doc runs through Woody’s entire career. Yo, dude has so many movies! There’s lots I need to catch up on for real for real. Stuff I not only hadn’t seen, but never even really heard of. Anyway, to get you warmed up some more, watch Filmmaker Robert Weide’s 12 Question interview with Woody Allen…

Cop the DVD HERE. Thanks Mom!

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