Aziz Steez


Aziz Ansari is probably my favorite stand-up comedian on the scene right now. He’s got great energy, awesome material, and he’s relatable to my generation. One of my favorite things about him is his ability to tell stories about his interactions with famous rappers. He talked about hanging out with Kanye West on his first DVD, and told a hilarious story about how Jay-Z doesn’t like the movie E.T. on his Juan Epstein appearance a few months back. And now, on his new online special Dangerously Delicious, which you can cop HERE for $5, he tells a story about how he eavesdropped on 50 Cent in a restaurant and discovered that 50 didn’t know what a grapefruit was. LOL on a hundred thousand trillion…

And for those of you who like to read interviews (I DO!), check out his sit-down “Dinner with Daniel” on Grantland HERE. It’s a fun read! Aziz came back to Juan Epstein last week too, which you can download HERE. I might have to go check this dude one night during his new tour (see poster above and click HERE for dates). I haven’t seen a comedian live in concert since Dave Chappelle came to the University of Maryland in the late 90s. Good shit Aziz!

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