Spring Salad


There’s a bunch of new hip-hop shit out that I’m feeling. Please allow me to put you on and recap some of the highlights of this past week in rap music. First, DMV representative Oddisee, who I know from my Maryland days, has a couple new songs out that I’m fuckin’ with. On the underground scene, he is highly respected for his production. But as a rapper, he’s kind of slept on. Ever since I heard him spitting on the Diamond District album and in this little video shot at Peter Rosenberg’s crib, I’ve been hoping he would drop some sort of solo project. And word is that he has a solo album coming out titled People Hear What They See (drops June 12th). Should be ill. Check out two new cuts of his, both which will not be on his new album, but are nevertheless worth repeated listens. First is “Hustle Off,” and the other is “Slow It Down” (download them for free too)…

You may have seen my recent post on a new rapper I really like out of Detroit/Chicago by the name of Denmark Vessey. Well, Quelle Chris is his boy (he’s on Denny’s “Green Party Swishercrat”), and is down with their Crown Nation conglomerate, and he has some heat too. His latest song/video “Live Alone Die Alone” is dope. Check it out below, and you can get his new EP 2Dirt4TV HERE.

Oh, and Denmark Vessey dropped some new shit this week too called “Cult Classic.” It’s so fresh that I’m gonna post it again for those of you that missed my update

Ok, I’m not the biggest J. Cole fan, but “Sideline Story” is by far my favorite song of his. It’s the title track off his debut album, and this week, he dropped some visuals for it, showing him overseas during his European tour…

What else? Oh yeah, the most underrated rapper in the game, Curren$y! The Hot Spitta! Watch him close his eyes and murder this Alchemist beat with the laid-back, mean New Orleans flow, on DJ Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays Sirius/Shade 45 radio show…

And while we’re on the topic of Curren$y, his boy Young Roddy dropped a new mixtape recently titled Good Sense (download it HERE). Dude is nice with it, and picks quality beats for the blunted heads to bop to. Listen to the title track below, it’s very niiiice….

Finally, if you peeped my Leaders Of The New School post recently, you know that I really like this kid out of Brooklyn Joey Bada$$. Well, his boy from their Pro.Era crew Capital STEEZ has a new mixtape out (he’s the other rapper on “Survival Tactics,” and it’s definitely worth checking out. Joey makes an appearance, and even assists with the production/beat selection, but actually Capital STEEZ holds his own just fine and proves that the Pro.Era crew ain’t nothin’ to fuck with in 2012. Consider it a warm up for Joey Bada$$’s 1999 mixtape, which supposedly is dropping in the next month…

Stream/Download Capital Steez- AmeriKKKan Korruption | Complex

So that’s my Spring Salad. Mad flavor, right? Happy Friday the 13th! Enjoy your weekend Westcheddar…


Joey Bada$$ just dropped some new shit…


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