Northern And Roozy


A new Action Bronson single is out now, a collaboration with UK producer The Purist called “Northern And Roozy.” Bronsolino may be my favorite rap personality of all time. I don’t know, at first when people told me to check him out, I wasn’t really feeling his tracks that much. Then, I watched a few of his interviews and freestyle videos on YouTube, and listened to his first album Dr. Lecter in the car all the way through, and now he’s like my favorite person to ever hold a mic. Plus, he’s nice as shit with the lyrics and flows, and picks dope beats. I’m a big fan, but I guess you already know that if you’re an avid Westcheddar reader. Stream his song below, which is perfect for the nice spring and summer weather that is upon us, and peep my Tanning Interview with him HERE if you missed it…

Also, this video is unbelievable! Watch Action Bronson perform live at a Princeton private house party over the weekend. Dude walks through the crowd as he raps, posing for pictures, lighting his long doobie in between verses, and even goes into the house at one point to grab some food. So much fun. Respect this man, he’s a beast…


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