Bronson Burgers


Action Bronson continues to serve up my favorite rap music in the world. Seriously, this guy is the best, at least in my book. Here are three new tracks by Bronsolino that I have on repeat right now. The first is “Midget Cough,” which features an absolutely sick loop by Party Supplies. Below that is “Blackbird,” another great song with an ill beat and plenty of quotables. And finally, there’s “Elimination Chamber,” which is produced by The Alchemist and also features Odd Future rappers Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt, as well as some dude Vincent Staples who does his thing too. It’s ridiculous. Enjoy these new Bronson bangers. All three are amazing in their own way.

Action Bronson “Midget Cough” (Produced by Party Supplies)

Action Bronson “Blackbird” (Produced by Thelonius Martin)

Domo Genesis f/ Earl Sweatshirt, Vincent Staples, and Action Bronson “Elimination Chamber” (Produced by The Alchemist)

Hat trick!


This Action Bronson x Myspace video is very entertaining…

Check out his verified Rap Genius page too, where he breaks down all his lyrics in little videos. Mad gems. HERE.


Yo, Action Bronson signed a record deal! Congrats! I had the privilege of breaking the news on Complex. Read about it HERE. Also, this podcast appearance by Bronsolino on Food Is The New Rock is fucking awesome. A must listen. DO IT.

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