The 20 Best Action Bronson Verses Of 2012 (So Far)

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I had the pleasure of compiling my favorite rapper Action Bronson’s 20 best verses of the year so far for Complex affiliated site Pigeons & Planes. And I was psyched that Action himself supported the feature on Twitter and also hit me directly to thank my for my work. Check the intro below, and click the link to read/listen:

Flushing, Queens chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson is having a big year. Between releasing one of the most stellar rap projects of 2012 with producer Party Supplies, Blue Chips, and making numerous features on songs with everyone from Odd Future to RiFF RaFF, plus consistently tearing down stages across North America and overseas in Europe, he planted himself firmly on the rap map. Through his steady grind he landed his first record deal with Vice Records. It’s been a quick ascent, but it looks as though Action is already set to jump to the next plateau of hip-hop stardom, especially now that he’s got label-backing and is being managed by Paul Rosenberg, who also handles business for another prolific white rapper you may have heard of, Eminem.

To celebrate Bronson’s pending projects with The Alchemist (Rare Chandeliers), Harry Fraud (Saab Stories), and Party Supplies (Blue Chips 2), and look back at all the work he put in this year to get where he’s at now, we put together a list of The 20 Best Action Bronson Verses Of 2012 (So Far). They all pack a punch, and as expected, there’s a plethora of food, weed, and hooker references. Enjoy the Queens-to-table smorgasbord, and as always, our compliments to the chef.

The 20 Best Action Bronson Verses Of 2012 | Pigeons & Planes  

Check out my other P&P features HERE. Peace.

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