Rare Chandeliers

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Okay, so Action Bronson dropped his new project today Rare Chandeliers with The Alchemist, and to celebrate, I had two features published on Complex. The first is an essay titled Action Bronson Is My Favorite Rapper of All Time. This is a true statement. He’s my favorite rapper ever, and this piece explains why. Not to say he’s the nicest ever, or that any of his albums are the best ever, but he’s my personal favorite rapper, for various reasons. Check it out, it had a nice buzz poppin’ yesterday online for sure.

Action Bronson Is My Favorite Rapper of All Time | Complex

The second feature is a track-by-track breakdown of Rare Chandeliers I did with Bronson himself yesterday, where he talks about each song on the album. I was on the cell with him while he was out in Miami on tour, and needless to say, I really enjoyed putting this together. Check it out, along with the free download link for Rare Chandeliers.

Action Bronson Breaks Down His Album Rare Chandeliers | Complex


I still haven’t really listened to this shit. Waiting to get it in the whip. But I can’t front, I don’t even think this is gonna stop me from listening to Roc Marciano’s new album Reloaded on repeat. That joint is too ill. Wow, what a great week for New York rap music, huh? Cheah.


Action Bronson Interview with Pigeons & Planes


My boy Peter Rosenberg interviews Bronsolino….

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