The 10 Best Live Action Bronson YouTube Videos of 2012

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This is the type of ill shit I like to contribute to the culture. Peep the intro, then click the link to Pigeons & Planes:

Action Bronson released two extremely dope projects this year, Blue Chips with Party Supplies and Rare Chandelierswith The Alchemist, and made dozens of guest appearances on other rapper’s records too. But what really helped set him apart from the pack in 2012 was his live show. Not only does he perform all his songs crystal clearly with impeccable breath control and without the annoyance of a muffled hype man, but he finds new and innovative ways to engage the crowd by taking full advantage of his cordless mic.

Thankfully, many of Action’s live antics were captured on film and uploaded to YouTube, like the time he took a piss break in a Porta Potty mid-song in Minneapolis, and when he started a Conga line in the crowd in San Francisco. Also, classic Bronsolino hip-hop moments were filmed and shared, like the first time he performed his Rare Chandeliers single “The Symbol” in Toronto, and when he joined Roc Marciano on stage in New York City during the CMJ Music Marathon. These are only a few examples of the cross country tour gems included in our 10 Best Live Action Bronson YouTube Videos of 2012.

The 10 Best Live Action Bronson Videos on YouTube | P&P 

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