The 10 Best Action Bronson Video Interviews of 2012



Action Bronson had a huge 2012. And I’ve covered it along the way on Complex and Pigeons & Planes (and one piece on NOISEY), from daily blog posts to long form features to “best of” lists to interviews. And of course, I always bring it back here to my home base site. So to finish the year off strong, I saved one special list just for Westcheddar, kind of like when Kanye says he saves the best beats for himself.

See, Bronson is a fucking amazing rapper, and he made some ridiculously awesome music this year, but he’s also a hilarious, entertaining, and captivating public figure who gives a great interview. So it’s my honor to present, as my final publication of 2012, The 10 Best Action Bronson Video Interviews of 2012, listed in chronological order.

And please, pardon the light commentary. I’ve been spending all the time I can this past holiday week with my kids. But I did include my favorite quote from each interview just to make sure it’s crystal clear that I’m out here. Let’s does this.

1. Reebok Classics Present: Behind the Scenes of Blue Chips with Action Bronson

To help promote his first of two major projects of the year, Blue Chips, Bronson takes us to the Flushing Mall for a Chinese soup lunch. Some dope live clips in here as well.

Westcheddar Quotable: “I hate salmon….but I’ll cook the fuck out of it.”

2. Nardwuar vs. Action Bronson

The G.O.A.T. interviewer Nardwuar catches up with Bam Bam at SXSW, and hilarity ensues. Crotch-grab on the final still shot is priceless. No homo, of course.

Westcheddar Quotable: “702 was a good band. They were hot. I wanted to have sex with them.”

3. Fuse: Action Bronson’s Incredibly Intimate Interview

A quick, up close (literally) and personal Q & A with Bronson live from the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. Great questions, perfect answers.

Westcheddar Quotable: Fuse: “When’s the last time you took a bubble bath?” Action Bronson: “Often.”

4. Pitchfork Selector: Action Bronson Gets Interviewed in an Ice Cream Truck

I mean, fuck, the set-up is too good. Bronson as the ice cream man! He gives out ice cream in Williamsburg, does an interview from the truck, then turns it into a freestyle session where he spits one of the sickest raps I’ve ever heard over the ice cream truck jingle. Incredible.

Westcheddar Quotable: “There’s nothing like finding that good loop.”

5. MySpace: Action Bronson Makes Zucchini Blossoms

Bronson prepares a delicious lunch while MySpace follows him to the Union Square outdoor marked and also to Whole Foods, where he has an unforgettable interaction with one of their employees. The guy obviously had no clue who he was dealing with.

Westcheddar Quotable: “I learned how to cook to get pussy, honestly.”

6. Snoop Dogg Interviews Action Bronson on GGN

Bam Bam visits Snoop’s web show, completely blitzed off the G Pen, and smokes continuously during the entire show while Snoop asks him light questions about his career. Epic stoner shit. Let’s get these two on a track together, asap.

Westcheddar Quotable: “Catch me doing back-flips in and out of vehicles, jumping out of planes landing on jet-skis in tuxedos.”

7. Noisey: Back and Forth with The Alchemist and Action Bronson

Bam Bam and Alchemist crack jokes with each other while sitting on Venice Beach blazed out of their minds. Best. Conversation. Ever.

Westcheddar Quotable: “I have three dicks.”

8. Action Bronson Interview with This Is 50

It’s cool that This Is 50 showed love to Bronson before the release of Rare Chandeliers, especially since him and 50 Cent are both from Queens. That’s another collabo I’d love to hear. Anyway, this is a fun interview, and kind of historic, too.

Westcheddar Quotable: “I don’t fuck. I just sit and get head.”

9. Action Bronson Interview on Real Late with Peter Rosenberg

Ah yes, my buddy Peter Rosenberg invites Action over to his crib to record an interview for his Real Late show on Hot 97. Good vibes. Cameo by Big Body, too.

Westcheddar Quotable: “I got Dr. Schlepowitz on the joint.”

10. The 20,000 Quid Interview with DJ Semtex

The intro alone in this interview with UK’s DJ Semtex is classic, but Bam Bam also talks about wanting to work with DJ Premier and Kool G Rap, and mentions a crazy song he recorded with Joey Bada$$. I’m excited for that one.

Westcheddar Quotable: “Go fuck your father.”


If you missed any of the Action Bronson features I did in 2012, here’s all of them.

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If you prefer podcasts to video interviews (I like both), listen to Bronson’s appearance on Food  is the New Rock. My favorite podcast of the year, by a mile.

Action Bronson Interview on Food is the New Rock 

Thanks to Action Bronson for a remarkable rap year! It was my pleasure to write about it. See you all in 2013. Peace and love.

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