Still The Best



News flash. Roc Marciano and Action Bronson are still the best rappers out. Been so fucking busy that I haven’t had much time to go in-depth here at Westcheddar like I used to, but understand that it’s after 1 am on a weeknight and I’m exhausted, but I’m still putting in the extra effort to make sure this shit gets put on the site. It has to. It’s too dope. Shit, the Bam Bam record has been out for weeks. WTF is taking me so long! I’m actually mad at myself, because this shit is sick, and Hot 97’s been giving it mad burn. As for the Roc Marc shit, well, he says he’s got the “crib in White Plains” on the track, which you may recognize as the intro to O.C.’s Lord Finesse-produced classic “Jewelz.” Man, just listen to these shits. Now. They’re both incredible.

I’ll get at you guys later. Got some more stuff I need to bless you with. Hope all is well. One.

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