Sick Shot


This is the most insane ending to a basketball game ever. I’m not even gassing you. This is crazy. And it happened in White Plains, yesterday, at the Westchester County Center. Just watch above as dude from New Rochelle hits the illest buzzer beater ever from half court to upset Mount Vernon in the conference finals. And it’s not your average buzzer beater. Dude from New Ro inbounds the ball with 2.9 seconds left, it gets stolen at half court by MV, then he steals it back on a hustle play and launches it from behind half court for the win with the clock running out. Absolute mayhem in the 914. Watch above.

Listen, I grew up in White Plains, and have been to plenty of big games at the County Center, but never have I seen some shit like this. And for those unfamiliar with the local sports politics in Westchester, New Ro upsetting Mount Vernon is A BIG DEAL. Yo, this might go down as the wildest, most amazing ending in the history of Westchester County sports. Everyone in the country is talking about this shot right now. And rightfully so. It was sick.

You gotta feel bad for Mount Vernon, though. Tough loss, and as ridiculous a shot as it was, it would’ve never happened if they didn’t throw a lazy pass after the steal. But props to New Ro. They came back, and made big run to get themselves in position to win the game. And then, of course, “The Shot.” Holy cow.

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