Clark Griswold

Stan Ipcus


So I finally recorded a new song. It had literally been over a year since I wrote a rap verse. I had the biggest case of writer’s block in the history of my life. But this past January, I said to myself that I was going to get back on the board. So I started looping up some samples, like how I used to do back in the Real Breezy and Bachelor Party days. And this one beat I made, a loop of Jimi Hendrix’s live Band of Gypsys song “Who Knows,” had that feeling. It felt like a new “Ippy Strut” or something.

I vowed not to try and write any lyrics in January, no matter how dope the beat was. I made a handful of beats, maybe ten total, from samples I found and that my friends sent me. Then finally, sometime in March, I went in. I had been talking to my boy DJ Roz about this EP idea I had called D.A.D. (Diapers And Dope), and all of a sudden, I just started writing to that Jimi Hendrix loop. I wrote two verses back-to-back in like fifteen minutes.

I waited about a month before I recorded the song. I had the first verse memorized pretty quickly, and even sent an audio note to a couple buddies with me spitting it over the beat to let them know I was back. Then last week, I finally laid it down with my boy Lonie Rock manning the boards. I came up with the chorus on the spot, and it ended up sounding right. Once I gave it a proper mix, I was like, “Wow, this actually came out pretty dope.”

So here it is, my new song, “Clark Griswold,” produced by yours truly. This is my first release since 2011. Shout out to XXL, 2DopeBoyz, Unkut, OnSmash, Potholes In My Blog, Earmilk, Sermon’s Domain, and all the other sites that posted this. It’s been a while since I dropped something, and the feedback from everyone has been phenomenal. Enjoy.

Check out the “Clark Griswold” lyrics on Rap Genius.

UPDATE. Peace to my dude Peter Rosenberg for playing “Clark Griswold” on Hot 97! Stream his Real Late show from 4/29 below. My shit drops 43:30 in.

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