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Okay, I’m giving this new Williie the Kid and Alchemist EP Masterpiece Theatre a very sincere and serious co-sign right now. From top to bottom, this shit is awesome. I’ve been telling my friends who have never heard of Willie that if you love old Wu-Tang shit, you will love this. Alchemist killed all the beats with hard drums and crazy samples, and Willie is nice as fuck on the mic. I’m really impressed. Watch the lead video for the project, “Halal Tuna,” listen to his collabo leak off the EP with Action Bronson and Roc Marciano, and then read our exclusive NahRight Listener’s Guide where Willie himself walks us through each song. Link to purchase the whole project is HERE. Best five bones I’ve spent in a long time.

“Halal Tuna”

“Medusa” f/ Action Bronson and Roc Marciano

A Listener’s Guide to Masterpiece Theatre with Willie the Kid | NahRight

Hip-hop is alive and well, people. No worries.

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