Backstage with Bam Bam

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I interviewed my favorite rapper of all-time, Action Bronson, for the third time recently. I’m trying to be the Howard Cosell to his Cassius Clay. LOL. Anyway, we spoke about his recent European tour, and his touring life in general both on and off stage, for my latest NahRight The Green Room feature. Check it out below…

The Green Room with Action Bronson | NahRight

And to follow, I spoke with Party Supplies about their upcoming sequel to Blue Chips…

In The Lab: Party Supplies Talks Blue Chips 2 & Upcoming Solo Album | NahRight

Also, you HAVE TO check out this video of Bam Bam performing live from a nursing home in the UK. It popped up after our interview, or else I would have definitely asked about this. Too much fun.

“Thanks guys. Now I’m gonna hand out chocolates.” Amazing. Peace family.


Heavy Rotation with Sean Price | NahRight

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