The Return



What up, Westcheddar!! Yo listen, my bad. I’ve been neglecting home base for a minute. Please pardon me, I’ve been crazy busy. But I’m going through a big transition now, taking on a new full-time writing job in the marketing/advertising world. And this new gig has forced me to put my music journalism work and also my youth work to the side. The thing is, I’ll never be able to stop writing about music. It’s in my nature to want to share what I think is hot with the masses. So I’ve made the decision to bring back Westcheddar, and start posting again (about music and also comedy, sports, family, etc) regularly in my free time, for the love of the game. As for my youth work, well, I just had a baby (our third boy!!), so that’s not going to really stop anytime soon.

I’m gonna play catch-up for a minute, so please stay with me. Some of the stuff I’ll be posting in the next week or two won’t be brand new, but I gotta make sure it gets some love before I can move forward. Consider the upcoming onslaught of posts a celebration of Westcheddar’s return. Let’s gooooo….

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