Surf’s Up

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I gotta give props once again to Spotify for putting me on to this band PALMAS on my latest Weekly Discovery playlist. Their Soundcloud page describes their music as East Coast surf/soul, which I’d say is completely accurate, though I would’ve never guessed they had roots in Philly and New York. Love their song above titled “You Were My Girl,” it’s got awesome harmonies and an overall dreamy, breezy feel that makes me miss my California homeland. It sounds like some shit my pops would’ve listened to back in the day, driving his Woodie through Venice on his way to The Apple Pan. Check it out, and then peep their new EP To The Valley for more of the same (available now on Spotify or for purchase on 10” vinyl).

*Bonus* Here’s a clip of two dudes from PALMAS doing an acoustic version of my favorite song off the EP, “Better Guy”…

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