Valentine Rhymes


I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable hip-hop fan, but I gotta admit, this mix of rare late ’80s/early ’90s rap ballads and love songs compiled by Dope Folks Records has mad shit on it that I’ve never heard before. Really enjoying it so far, hope you do too. Stream/download above, and peep the track list below…

Valentine’s Mix: Rare Rap Ballads & Love Songs

1. Def IV: Obsession
2. Makeba & Skratch: Tear Drops
3. Bolaji: I want you
4. Foundation 7: Love Ain’t Like This
5. MC Blabber: I Dig Her Much
6. Rock La Flow: Love Song
7. Double K: Let me Get Close To You
8. Supreme Nyborn: Freak The Sax
9. Kaotic Stylin’ Let’s Get it On
10. 5ive O Posse: One More Try
11. Ram Luv: Step 2 Her
12. Another Smooth Alliance: What U Mean To Me
13. Too Brown: Silly Love Songs
14. Bizzie Boyz: I Think I’m In Love
15. Little Shawn: I Made Love 4 The Every First Time
16. Brothers 4 The Struggle: Miss Right
17. Kings of Pressure: Call Me On The Telephone
18. Two King In A Cipher: You Know How to Make Me

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