Brandon Wardell on No Jumper

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One of my favorite young comedians Brandon Wardell pays a visit to the No Jumper podcast. I’m about halfway through, but so far it’s a lot of fun and friendly comedy, drug, relationship and sex talk (“head is sick” hahaha)…and I feel like it keeps getting better as I listen/watch so I’m curious to see what else they get into. Check it out, and peep a short but solid Brandon Wardell stand up set HERE if you’ve never seen him do his thing.

Wardell Wit

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I started randomly following this kid Brandon Wardell on Twitter a few months ago, not really knowing who he is or what he does. Turns out he’s a stand-up comedian, and a pretty funny one at that. He’s got a millennial stoner vibe, which I dig. Check this clip out and see what you think.