DJ Whoo Kid x ItsTheReal

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The always entertaining DJ Whoo Kid sits down with the ItsTheReal brothers for an extended interview filled with classic hip-hop stories and shenanigans. Listen above, and below, check out the video of Whoo Kid on Howard Stern’s morning show from a few years back (which is referenced in the interview)—it’s completely out of control.

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Howard and Marshall

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It’s #WhiteboyWednesday, so let’s celebrate by watching the greatest white rapper of all-time—Eminem—go head-to-head with the greatest white interviewer of all-time—Howard Stern. Take a trip back to ’99 and get to know a young Marshall Mathers, who was still fresh off the release of his debut album and on his early ascent to superstardom. My favorite part is listening to Howard bust Em’s balls about talking “like a black guy” haha so funny. Classic stuff right here, enjoy.