Hawthorne Heat

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This Mayer Hawthorne “Fancy Clothes” cut is my shit. Been playing it on repeat all weekend because it feels so damn good, like a classic pop Police¬†joint with a little reggae swing. Good shit, Mayer!

Here’s a nice live KCRW performance of it, too…

Oh, and check out Hawthorne Radio below, his own “imaginary radio station.” Just discovered these episodes, and I’m pretty psyched to hear what he’s been spinning…

Go grab Mayer Hawthorne’s Man About Town, it’s out now!

Cosmic Love


Mayer Hawthorne returns! Man, I always like this guy, ever since his first song came out. He brings that classic soul sound, but you can tell he’s got a hip-hop foundation¬†with the way he subtly tweaks his shit to have a little extra knock. Check out his new single “Cosmic Love,” it’s outta this world. Super-smooth.

And yo, stay tuned for a new Mayer Hawthorne LP coming this Spring.