Marci Madness

Music, Published Material


Ladies and gentlemen, in celebration of Roc Marciano’s latest album release, Rosebudd’s Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose, I—alongside my co-d Ev Boogie of UpNorthTrips, present #MarciMadness.

To help determine which Roc Marciano song be crowned his greatest of all-time, stay tuned to @EvBoogie’s timeline. Have fun!

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Modern Day Gangstas

Music, The Good Old Days

Shout to House Shoes for unearthing this absolute gem of an unreleased cut, featuring Biggie, Busta and Roc Marciano, produced by J Dilla. You’ll recognize the Biggie verse from the “Dangerous MC’s” version that appeared on Born Again. But now, thanks to House Shoes marrying a couple versions from DJ KaySlay and Whoo Kid tapes, we’ve got the full unreleased original version with a Roc Marciano verse at the end, and the original J Dilla production. So yes, Roc can also let cats know, just as Jadakiss once did—”I did real songs with B.I.G. no made-up shits.” Check it out.