Right Here, Around The Corner

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Really enjoyed Ray Romano’s new Netflix special. Lotta laughs and relatable material, and the format of him going up at the two Comedy Cellar locations back-to-back for surprise guest spots was money. I highly recommend it.

And make sure you check out that new Sebastian Maniscalco special Stay Hungry on Netflix too!

50 Best Stand-Up Comedians Of All-Time?

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Rolling Stone just published their 50 Best Stand Up Comedians of All-Time list, and though it’s definitely worth checking out, I can’t say I agree with it—for two major reasons. One is that they have Eddie Murphy at #25, which is waaaaaay too low. Dude is Top 5 D.O.A. if not the G.O.A.T. in my book. The other is Sebastian Maniscalco is not on the list, and I know he’s kind of a sleeper and not as famous (yet) as most of the others that made the cut, but I just saw him with my wife live the other night at The Paramount in Huntington, and it strongly confirmed that he’s one of the all-time greats. So fucking funny, and anyone who follows stand-up comedy knows he’s beasting right now. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld.

Anyway, here’s the list, complete with video clips and all. Definitely a great read/watch, regardless of your opinion on the order or selections. Respect to Rolling Stone, always.

Sebastian Maniscalco x Stephen Colbert

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My new favorite stand up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco made a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He did some jokes from his latest special Why Would You Do That? for the crowd, then pulled up a seat on the couch for some additional stories and bits. Check it out, and make sure you go watch that new special on Showtime ASAP, it’s hilarious.

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Aren’t You Embarrassed?

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I know I’m late but this dude Sebastian Maniscalco is off the hook. I haven’t laughed this hard watching a stand-up comedian in years. He’s extremely observant and says hilarious shit, but his grills and physical movements are just as funny. Check out his bit above about Chipotle from his 2014 special Aren’t You Embarrassed? and then one below that’s near and dear to my heart about Passover.

Watch the full special HERE.