Fall Foliage

Fly Spots, My Dudes

Ahh, the smell of autumn.  What a wonderful thing.  If only it lasted a bit longer.  I had the pleasure of attending a bachelor party (WHICH WAS INSANE) for my boy Beve Bats aka Steve Sugar this past Columbus Day weekend at the Beaver Pond campgrounds of Harriman State Park.  The fall foliage was absolutely unbelievable.  The 45 minute ride from Westchester up the Palisades Parkway was really something else.  Check out the pics (faces were not shown to hide the identities of the partygoers)…

And while we’re on the subject, let’s rewind nine years to 1999, a classic fall shot from the University of Maryland campus after my performance at the Battle of the Bands.  Can you guess which character is Matisyahu?  What a crew in this picture.  I’ll get to Nick Kroll, the guy on the left, very soon, he’s worthy of a Westcheddar interview.  He’s a hoot and a half.

Enjoy the fall, winter is around the corner….

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