New Lil Dicky x Trojan Condoms Commercials

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Here are the new Trojan Condoms commercials my agency worked on with Lil Dicky that will officially debut during the MTV VMAs this Sunday. Above is the 30 second spot “Alphabetization,” and below is the follow-up 15 second one titled “For You.” Really proud to be a part of these, props to LD and everyone involved on his team and ours for the great work. And I appreciate the shout out in the Adweek interview!

Coffee Shop Sing-A-Long

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My bro Matisyahu is out on tour this summer with 311, and earlier this week during a trip to grab some coffee at a local shop in Maui, a man was inside coincidentally performing his hit song “One Day.” Dude was killing it with the ukelele, so Matis joined in, smiling and singing along. At the end, the guy—not knowing it’s him at first—comes over to give Matis props for his voice haha. Classic moment, and a reminder that “One Day” is a fucking amazing song, and that Matisyahu is a King.

As a bonus, check out this clip of Matis performing a new song on tour, “Shade From The Sun.” This is my shit, and I can’t wait until he officially drops it. Watch HERE.

No Sleep.

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My boys Ev Boogie and Peter Oasis teamed up with DJ Stretch Armstrong to create a collection of classic NYC nightlife flyers (hip-hop and otherwise) spanning from the late ’80s to late ’90s. I’ve been hearing about this book since its inception, and proud to see the cover finally hit the web. Pre-order HERE, it’s due out in early December.

Oh, Hello on Broadway

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Rye’s own Nick Kroll hits Broadway this fall with his partner-in-comedy John Mulaney. I hear the show is excellent, gonna have to see for myself. Get your tickets HERE.

In related news, Kroll and Mulaney will be starring in Big Mouth, an animated series on Netflix that is also co-created and executive produced by my boy Andrew Goldberg! More HERE.