The Only Living Boy in New York

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Let’s be clear.  I made a conscious decision about a year ago to take a break from doing shows.  In fact, my only performance since last August 2007 at the Thirsty Turtle in White Plains was with my dude Matisyahu at Roseland last Hanukah.  Check the videos, first from Thirsty Turtle, then from Roseland with Matisyahu…

Instead, I’ve been doing alot of blogging (obviously), both here and with Westchester Magazine’s GROOM GUY, and still recording and putting out music, just a little more stategically than I had in the past.  It’s brought me some great success! Say it with a Borat accent, it feels better.  GREAT SUCCESS!!  HOT 97’S!!!  NAHRIGHT.COM’S!!!  THE WORLD WIDE WEBS!!!!

Well, I’m back in NYC this week with two performances.  Both will be short sets, a few songs.  Still, they should be fun.  The first is this Thursday, October 23rd, for the WE PUT ON FOR OUR CITY industry showcase…here’s the flyer…

Should be interesting huh?  Supposedly some major label heads are going to be in the building checking me out, p-p-pause.  Ha!  And this Sunday, October 26th, I’ll be performing at the Bombin’ Magazine issue #4 release party at Premium Laces.  Check the flyer for more info…

Pumpkin carving and Stan Ipcus.  Wow.  If you want to come through to either event, holler at ya boy directly and I’ll put you on my list…

Oh, and one more thing.  I’ve go so many songs that sometimes I’m not sure which ones I should pick to perform, although both promoters have made their requests.  If you have any thoughts on a nice three song set, please leave it in the comment section, just a fun little thing for the real Stan Ip fans.  If not, no worries…Hope to see you out this week.  TW-TW-TWIIIIST!!!!!

P.S.  Catch me with Matisyahu in Baltimore Saturday, November 1st too….And check for Matis’ new EP Shattered dropping manana!!!!!!  It’s ill.  Especially the song “Smash Lies”, my personal favorite.  And those of you who saw that Asher Roth is opening up for Matis at one of his Hanukah shows in New York, well hey, it is what it is, everyone loves that guy I guess, though Matis told me he was booked before I ever put out “The Great White Hope”…small world though huh?  Jewish Geography is crazy.  First Peter Rosenberg, then this.  Oh well.  Don’t worry about Ip, it’s nothin’…I does this regardless of any situation or affiliation.  True talk, real story.

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