Canadian Soul



Ok, I just discovered Melanie Fiona, Universal Motown’s latest Pop/Soul diva (she’s also Asher Roth’s labelmate at SRC Records but we won’t hold that against her!!!), via everyone’s favorite new way to communicate, Twitter.  She must’ve had a showcase last night or something and a couple people were tweeting off about her.  I’ve actually found out about alot of new stuff from Twitter, I can’t front, so I keep my ears to the tweets.  Anyway, I checked out her new single on Youtube this morning, and I instantly understood what all the buzz was about.  She has a hit!!!  It’s called “Give It To Me Right”…

I admit, I’m a sucker for girls who can sing soul.  I’m a huge Amy Winehouse fan first and foremost though, she’s the illest, even if she is a total mess.  Still, I wanted to give Melanie Fiona some shine here on Westcheddar, especially after I saw this video of her…here’s some dope raw backyard footage of her singing “Somebody Come Get Me”, a song she had on the 2008 Reggae Gold album…

So yeah, she’s from Toronto, Canada, and has roots in the West Indies, has an album coming out called THE BRIDGE, and she’s already opened up for Kanye West on tour overseas.  Check out this EPK video about her upcoming album, and definitely watch for her in 2009.

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