Big Ballin’

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I used to bust John Halas up in one on one back in the day on Ogden Avenue.  Sure, I was five years older than him (and 10 inches taller), but still, we would play all the time growing up.  Our houses shared a driveway that had a hoop in the back over his garage, and we would battle after dinner or on weekend mornings all the time.  And I would always win.  He’d drive to the hoop and I’d swat his shit into the nearest shrub.  That is, until the day I came home from college and he was suddenly just as tall as me.  I couldn’t believe it.  Little Johnny Halas is 6′ 3”?!?!?!

I never really gave him a chance to beat me at one on one.  It was enough that he was on his way to play college ball at Trinity and raining half court shots at our local Highlands courts like they were layups.  The kid was nice.  I figured I’d just stick to rapping and let him carry the b-ball torch for our block.  And that’s what he did.  Now, he plays professionally in the Premier Basketball League for the Rochester Razorsharks.


But what exactly is the life of a PBL player like?  It’s not the NBA, but from what I’ve heard, the Razorsharks get treated like celebs up in Rochester.  And hey, he gets paid to play basketball, which is pretty sweet.  Recently, John Halas, who we from Ogden Avenue call YNOHJ (pronounced EEEEE-NODGE, his name spelled backwards…stupid but fun), started blogging for the league, giving us a courtside view of his life as a Razorshark…

Inside Scoop with John Halas

John Halas PBlog

Oh, and doesn’t John have a striking resemblance to the Jason Street character on Friday Night Lights?  Ha!  



Friday Night Lights is a great show.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  Seriously, it might be the best TV drama out there right now…Stay tuned for more updates from John Halas…hollerrrr…

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