Classic Crack



Back in 2003 during my days living in Washington D.C., my boy DJ Roz and I had a nice little mixtape spot at the Lake Forest Mall in Gaithersburg, MD.  It was great.  Straight cash coming in, all the mixtapes we wanted, a great set up in a local urban clothing store with lots of cool and appreciative customers.  We were the first of our kind in that area, and we always had exclusives from New York and down south too.  At the time, Rocafella Records was really hot, and Peedi Crack, a hood MC from Philly and recent Rocafella signee, was starting to buzz.  I was a big fan of his, mainly because he was just a ferocious spitter and had an ill style, and he picked good beats to rock over.  Plus he did collabos with lots of my favorite Rocafella/Philly artists.  So Roz and I decided to put out a couple mixtapes of our own under our store name, Strictly Classics.  This was our first one.  I gathered the music from anywhere I could find, Roz took care of the artwork, and as a promotion, we gave the CD out free with anyone who purchased three or more mixtapes from our spot.

Since then, Peedi never got a chance to put out his album on Def Jam, and Rocafella and State Property had its share of breakups and problems.  Peedi went to jail and back, got into beef with Hov after getting kicked off Def Jam, and managed to put out lots of material that never really popped off the way I thought his stuff was going to pop back in 2003.  But STRICTLY CLASSICS PRESENTS THE BEST OF PEEDI CRACK is timeless, and features lots of exclusives (trust me) from when he first came out on Rocafella.  Download it here…


More Strictly Classics circa 2003 mixtapes to come….

3 thoughts on “Classic Crack

  1. yo good look on this. had it in 03 before I got Booked and been lookin for it since 04 when i got out this shit is fire

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