Larry David’s Greatest Hits Part 2



I haven’t heard much about the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, other than the lead cast of Seinfeld is slotted to make a guest appearance (dope).  However, Larry David is starring in the upcoming Woody Allen film WHATEVER WORKS, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month.  So to celebrate, I present to you Westcheddar’s own LARRY DAVID’S GREATEST HITS PART 2:

Larry Buys weed from a guy on the street to give to his father who is suffering from glaucoma.  Amazing.

Cheryl and Larry renew their wedding vows after 10 years.  This is so funny, especially since I’m about to get married myself.  I love how he doesn’t want to commit to her for eternity, only until death.  He finally gives in at the end.  Still, a hilarious concept to want to be single again during eternity.

This is great.  Larry checks into a hotel in New York City, and the bellhop describes every amenity in site.  Classic.

One of the all time best Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes is when Larry trips Shaq by accident while sitting courtside at the Lakers game, and then no one wants anything to do with him afterwards.  This clip is from the day after he trips Shaq, and he goes to Starbucks with his wife Cheryl.  He’s so annoying in this scene.  I love it.

*That’s all for now.  Stay up to date with the latest in the world of Larry David at this great fan blog:


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