Air Yeezy and iPod Touch Coloring Sheets

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I’m back baby!  Got some fresh new coloring sheets for the 2009 camp season.  Only the flyest pages for the youth.  Try to find these somewhere else in the world.  Yes, I take pride in my coloring sheets (I draw them myself).  Usually, for the sneaker sheets I draw one sneaker nice and big for the kids to color (see the bottom of this post), but I thought it would be cool for the Air Yeezy (Kanye West’s new Nike sneaker) to give them a chance to design their own collection, since that’s what Kanye did.  Here’s a couple examples of what the kids did with them.  These were done by a couple of pre-teen members that frequent my Cultural Arts Center at the BGC (Boys and Girls Club)…



Check out my other new one, the iPod Touch.  The kids love this one.  I’m excited to see what they can do with it.  Check out a couple examples below of what they’ve done so far.  Not bad huh?




And here is the first Sneaker of the Week winner from the 2009 summer season, off one of my original sneaker designs…


Stay tuned for more winning designs from this summer.  And for all previous Sneaker and iPod of the Week winners, and more sneaker coloring sheets and other fresh pages for kids, check the link below…


7 thoughts on “Air Yeezy and iPod Touch Coloring Sheets

  1. i drew the ipod touch on my wall and painted it like yours and u did a really awesome job and the sneakers are tight i thought!!! ❤ 🙂

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